Cal Saw

Leading Saw Technology Since 1886


When you need unique cutting tools or special purpose equipment that’s expertly engineered, contact Cal Saw.

Our design and manufacturing experience goes beyond sawmills, secondary manufacturers and food processing knives and blades.

We’re innovative, flexible and organized to produce the tools or components you need, no matter how complex your specs or application.

Some Examples

  • Thin parts of any shape with extraordinary strength and stiffness, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance—or which must operate at elevated temperatures
  • Knives that slice precisely without rupturing cells adjacent to the cutting plane
  • Saws that cut donor bone for implants with smooth, unshattered edges and minimal kerf loss
  • Disks with multiple planes and curves
  • Components for Point-of-Sale display structures
  • Accumulating tables for bottling equipment
  • High strength stainless steel parts for designer shelving
  • Thin forming dies for tight-tolerance bending or folding
Food Processing Blades and Knives