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Circular Alloy Steel

Accurate, long-lasting, custom designed saws for circular twins and quads, gang edgers, board edgers, and trimmers.

Features Benefits
  • Unfinished or finished: from saw blanks to finished carbide or Stellite® tipped saws
  • Highest quality steel
  • Specialized heat treatment for the exact hardness you request
  • Consistently stress-free plates
  • Flatter, more uniform blades when first received—and out of your machine
  • Plate making technology that gives you the thinnest wood cutting saws in the world
  • Close thickness tolerances for better guided sawing
  • Reach production goals faster
  • Sell a higher quality, better looking, better priced product
  • Get a more reliable revenue flow using our saws and services
  • No prep required for finished saws—get right to work
  • Reduce downtime and lost revenue with blades that stand up longer and are easier to maintain
  • Cut more accurately
  • Reworked saws run like new
  • Reduce splintering and double your run time with our thin rim trim saws
  • Reduce kerf and keep board value with thinner saws

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