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Circular Stainless Steel

The most accurate, durable and efficient custom designed saws for gang edgers and circular quads.

Features Benefits
  • Thermal and mechanical properties that result in a stiff, strong saw unlike any other
  • Unfinished or finished: from saw blanks to finished carbide or Stellite® tipped saws
  • Highest quality hardenable stainless steel
  • Unique and evolving stainless steel manufacturing process that dates from 1928
  • Specialized heat treatment
  • Blades resist rust, corrosion, mechanical wear
  • Blades stay stiffer under load—deep cuts, high feed rates, short gaps
  • Blades cut more accurately where it counts most: in the middle of the board where mismatch occurs in double arbor gangs; along the edges farthest from the guide where wedging occurs with single arbors
  • Reach production goals that alloy steel saws can’t
  • Sell a higher quality, better looking, better priced product
  • Build a more reliable revenue flow with saws ideal for a wide variety of applications
  • Accurately cut the most corrosive, hardest woods at high speed with no rapid plate wear
  • Reduce mismatch, improve lumber grades
  • See substantially less guide wear and thickness loss, with proper lubrication
  • Do less maintenance over the life of your saw
  • Reduce downtime and lost revenue with blades that stand up longer

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