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Greater Lumber Volume

Sawmill—Board Edger Reliability

Broken teeth plagued a mill’s high speed board edger. Our combination of radical tooth re-design and special heat treatment solved the problem permanently.

Sawmill—Increased Uptime

Stimson Forest Products in Plummer, Idaho increased total uptime of a vertical shape saw line by 8% by switching to our stainless steel saws.

Sawmill—Reduced Saw Changes

In the first year using Cal Saw stainless steel saws, Weyerhaeuser in Kamloops, British Columbia slashed unscheduled saw changes by 50%—and boosted uptime.

Sawmill—Higher Feed Rate

An SPF (spruce-pine-fir) mill increased its double arbor quad feed rate by 27% after installing stainless steel saws.

Sawmill—Increased Throughput

A stud mill shortened the length of its gaps by more than 50%, because our stainless steel saws need less recovery time between cuts.

Sawmill—Increased Run Time

An Alberta mill operating a 6” curve saw at high speeds actually increased winter run times by 2.5 times when our stainless steel saws suppressed snaking and wedging.

Higher Grade Product

Sawmill—More High Grade Lumber And Reduced Offset

Weyerhaeuser in Dallas, Oregon boosted from 12% to 17% the proportion of Select Dimension Douglas fir from a 12-inch shape sawing gang by switching to stainless steel saws. The single reason: less planer skip caused by double arbor offset. What’s more, they also found that our stainless steel saws reduced the average offset by 35%.

Sawmill—Reduced Downgrade For Added Revenue

A Vancouver Island mill cut a valuable appearance grade product for an overseas customer with a 12-inch double arbor gang. Almost 30% of boards suffered grade loss due to offset that exceeded .060”. Cal Saw stainless steel saws cut the offset and reduced the level of downgrade to 12%. As a result, the mill increased the yield of high grade lumber by over 24%.

Sawmill—Improved Grade

The quality control and saw filing supervisor for a western SPF mill noted that about 16% of J-Grade boards were being downgraded due to offset-caused planer skip. By changing to stainless steel saws in the 10-inch double arbor gang, he reduced the number of downgraded boards to less than 5%.

Sawmill—Reduced Planer Skip

By using a Cal Saw thin rim saw design, a western mill added a .010 inch to the thickness of its 12-inch double arbor lumber. The design decreased kerf and improved sawing accuracy. Now, its customers can count on getting lumber with less skip.

More Product, Lower Costs

Secondary Manufacturers—More Product And Value From The Same Piece Of Wood

A New Zealand maker of bee hive frames cut 7 end bars from 100mm-wide clear radiata pine. By using our specially designed .055” kerf thin rim carbide tipped saws, they were able to cut 8. This meant 14% more product and 14% more revenue, but with the same raw material cost.

Secondary Manufacturers—Added Revenue And Lower Costs

A custom furniture manufacturer who worked with panels made from exotic hardwood veneers was used to sawing 14 components from each one. With our .070” kerf thin rim saws, he was able to obtain between 15 and 16 parts, thereby increasing revenue and lowering his unit cost of raw material.

Secondary Manufacturers—Longer Run Time And Greater Yield

Optimizing cutoff saws operate with saw kerfs approaching .200”. Using our thin rim saws to cut 1.5” thick pine meant a kerf of only .120”. The user expanded time between saw changes by nearly a factor of 2. He also increased solid wood yield by almost one-half of 1%.

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