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Circular Saws

The most technologically advanced custom designed thin saw plates in the world. For users, this means remarkable durability, less kerf, lower costs and greater revenue.

  1. Thin saws for hardwood flooring, engineered flooring and moulding.
  2. Thin saws for chop sawing, rip sawing and trim sawing applications.
  3. Specially designed thin kerf saws for MDF panels.
Features Benefits
  • Experts in thin saw behavior and in design techniques that reduce kerf
  • Custom plates for your application, with the required stiffness for your feed speed and power
  • Complex and accurate thickness profiles that guarantee the ideal added thickness and durability
  • Variable or uniform thickness
  • Specialized heat treatment
  • From 5 to 30 inches in diameter unfinished or finished plates
  • Reach production goals faster
  • Sell a higher quality, better looking, better priced product
  • Build a more reliable revenue flow with saws ideal for a wide variety of applications
  • High power cutting and consistent accuracy in the smallest kerf applications
  • Most durable of all thin kerf saws means longer life/lower cost per blade
  • The same technology equips panel saws to cut more lineal feet before resharpening
  • Reduce downtime and lost revenue with saws that stand up longer

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