Cal Saw

Leading Saw Technology Since 1886


Whether you’re in corporate, production, quality control or the filing room, you have a particular viewpoint about the business of cutting. But when selecting saw blades, it’s vital to understand and evaluate all of your mill’s opportunities, as well as its total costs.

Remember, low priced, lower quality products can actually cost you more—in lackluster performance and unattractive product, in downtime, in added maintenance costs, in lost customers, in lost revenue.

Cal Saw designs and manufactures saws that deliver outstanding performance, better product, lower costs and more revenue.

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Cal Saw

  • No gimmicks or phony fanfare—simply the best products at their true value
  • Custom cutting solutions for every concern a mill has
  • Unrivaled sawing process know-how
  • Insightful blade design
  • High quality workmanship
  • Strict quality control
  • Expertise in metallurgy, mechanical engineering, wood machining